Scotland’s Structural Repairs Specialists

We treat:

  • Cavity Wall Ties
  • Crack Stitching
  • Crack Injecting
  • Timber Repairs

Scotland’s Structural Repairs Specialists

We treat:

  • Cavity Wall Ties
  • Crack Stitching
  • Crack Injecting
  • Timber Repairs

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Structural Repairs in Scotland

Firstcall Trade Services is part of the award winning Firstcall Group, with over 30 years experience serving Scotland within the All Trades building services industry.


Based just outside of Edinburgh city centre, we are the leading Structural Repairs experts in your area, serving the whole of the central belt, including;


Edinburgh, Glasgow, Falkirk, Kirkcaldy, and the surrounding areas.

What are structural repairs?

The definition of structural repairs is a broad one, covering a great number of technqiues that can be utilised to repair or restrain masonry walls. The cause of unwanted movement within building can vary from ground movement, inadequately tied walls,
movement brought on by water ingress or timber decay, movement fatigue and mechanical impact.


These often unavoidable problems can result in cracked masonry and the failure of structural damp proofing. It is one area that should not go unchecked and the longer the problem is left, the greater the damage tends to be. This inevitably leads to foundation problems, walls moving out of position and structural instability in the property.

Fixing Cracks

Crack Injection


Epoxy crack injection (also known as epoxy injection) is an extremely reliable and effective concrete crack repair method, used exclusively for the repair of poured concrete foundation cracks for structural repairs. When used under the right conditions and when done properly by a trained injection technician, an epoxy concrete crack repair does not fail.

Crack Stitching


In laymans terms, crack stitching is the masonry repair method for repairing and reinforcing cracked walls.


We insert stainless steel bars into slots that are cut into the wall, usually in the bed joints. The stitching bars are typically high tensile helical rods having a 6mm diameter and a large surface area by virtue of a profiled deformation having a deep continuous helical trough. WHO60 grout is used to interlock with the helical bars and chemically bond them into the wall, stitching across the crack to reconnect masonry either side of it.

Repairs & Replacements

Timber Repairs


Generally the main culprits for rotten timbers are damp related conditions like wet rot or dry rot. When dry rot or wet rot occurs within timber, it can often, usually result with extensive work to replace the timber, bolt on steel plates, or “side-splice” new and existing timber.


Whether it is treating the timber or using resins to repair joist ends, you can feel confident that our highly experienced and qualified surveyors & technicians will have a suitable timber repair solution for you.

Cavity Wall Ties


Cavity wall ties have been common place in buildings in the UK for hundreds of years.
Two leaves of bricks or stonework are held together by by metal straps also known as “wall ties”. The cavities between the two leave of masonry provide an affective barrier to water penetration and also acts as an insulation layer.


In some circumstances these wall ties can corrode or fail. Failure can manifest itself as cracking in the external leaf of masonry, structural movement or in severe cases the collapse of sections of masonry. Our cavity wall ties provide a permanent and economical solution to cracked masonry walls and our fully experienced and qualified local surveyors are experts when it comes to installing them.

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