Firstcall are the Multi-Trades Contractor providing world class services to the whole of Scotland

Firstcall Trade Services is part of the award winning Firstcall Group, with over 30 years experience serving Scotland within the All Trades building services industry. Based just outside of Edinburgh City Centre, we are the leading Preservation experts in your area, serving the whole of the central belt.

Damp Proofing

Damp Proofing is a general term used to describe methods and treatments of controlling moisture that has built up within walls and floors into the interior of the property. Although older properties are more susceptible to dampness as they haven’t been constructed without a damp-proof membrane, it can occur in any property. Wether its penetrating damp or rising damp, Firstcall Trade services are specialists in identifying the type of damp and the potential problems.

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Wet Rot

Wet Rot (Coniophora Puteana) is more common yet less serious and typically confined to the area where timber has become wet. There is usually a discolouration of the timber, with softness and cracking and a loss of strength. It can sometimes result is visible fungal growth and a damp musty smell.

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Dry Rot

Dry rot is caused by serpula lacrymans and is the more serious of the two forms of fungal decay. It can spread and cause destruction to most of the timber in a property, creating a distinct mushroom-y smell and appearing with white fungal growth tinged with yellow and lilac and can create deep cracks within both soft and hardwoods.

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Structural Repairs

Firstcall Trade Services specialise in the prevention and treatment of Damp and Timber Decay in properties of all size domestic and commercial. With our head office in Edinburgh we cover all areas of Scotland, We have over 20 years experience within the remedial damp and timber industry. We specialise in the treatment of rising damp, woodworm, dry and wet rot, cavity wall-tie installation, condensation and tanking systems. For most treatments we provide a free survey so please do not hesitate to contact our help customer service team for help and advice.

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Basement Water Proofing

Having a basement can offer valuable extra living space and add value to your property without losing precious garden ground.
Basement Waterproofing is becoming a popular way of increasing your space without undertaking major building work or moving home, however it is important to ensure that adequate water proofing is carried out to prevent water penetrating into the property.

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Woodworm is a generic description commonly and loosely applied to all wood-boring beetles that and usually seen emerging between April and October. The most common wood-boring insect is the Common Furniture Beetle and is estimated to infest about 75% of properties in the UK.

The Wood Weevil is also relatively common in buildings and is usually associated with wet rot. The beetle can enter any home through open windows, doors and fresh air vents to name a few.

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